properganderpress has a longstanding interest in art as a weapon and propaganda posters, particularly of the Soviet era. This page features some interesting and provocative posters of Stalin, many of which, over the coming months and years, will feature on our Stalin poster of the week blog.

Why such an interest in posters of Stalin?

Back in very early childhood, I somehow came across a poster of Stalin with children. In the poster, Stalin looked avuncular and kindly. In the innocence of childhood, I commented to my father, a refugee from Eastern Europe, that the man in the poster looked like a nice man.

My father, who was not known for displays of emotion, nor for being caught speechless, turned a peculiar shade of purple, was silent for what seemed an extended period of time, and then began to stammer.

Finally, what came out vehemently was that Stalin was NOT a nice man at all, and that he was responsible for millions of deaths and the oppression of half the peoples of Europe.

It became apparent, at this early age, that appearances can be deceptive.


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