stalin poster of the week 25: m. solomyanii, excellent study will please the leader!, 1952

Ukrainian poster of child learning from the writings of Stalin

M. Solomyanii (соломяний, м.), Excellent study will please the leader! (порадуємо вождя відмінні навчанням!), 1952 (Text in Ukrainian)


Stalin poster of the week is a weekly excursion into the fascinating world of propaganda posters of Iosif Stalin, leader of the USSR from 1929 until his death in 1953.

Here, Anita Pisch will showcase some of the most interesting Stalin posters, based on extensive research in the archives of the Russian State Library, and analyse what makes these images such successful propaganda.

Anita’s new, fully illustrated book, The personality cult of Stalin in Soviet posters, 1929 -1953, published by ANU Press, is available for free download here, and can also be purchased in hard copy from ANU Press.

After the Second World War, known as the Great Patriotic War in the USSR, the Soviet Union set about rebuilding its territories after the terrible devastation of people and property.

However, unlike the early years of Soviet construction, the emphasis moved from amazing feats of manual labour, such as those executed by the shock workers (udarniki) and Stakhanovites, to mechanisation and technical expertise. Thus, there was a drive for education, especially in engineering and the sciences, but always within the context of the science of Marxism-Leninism.

This 1952 Ukrainian poster, published by Mistetstvo in Kiev in the Ukrainian language, in an edition of 60,000, encourages youth to study hard in order to please the national leader, Comrade Stalin (who, interestingly, is not mentioned by name here).

Detail of 1952 Ukrainian poster of Stalin

One of the key archetypes associated with Stalin is that of the Teacher. Stalin’s writings provide a solid introduction to the science of Marxism-Leninism


The young girl, in pinafore and red Pioneer scarf, is totally engrossed in her lesson, writing in a large, even script. The text from which she studies features a portrait of Stalin, and is likely a volume of the great idealogue’s writings on Marxist-Leninist thought.

Neither Lenin, nor his voluminous writings, are anywhere to be seen in this poster. Stalin has surpassed the great Soviet genius to become a guiding philosopher in his own right. With victory in the war and more than two decades of leadership behind him, Stalin no longer needs to appeal to the legitimising presence of Lenin

The Stalin textbook is propped up by a stack of books on the desk, partially obscuring a globe, and shelves of books sit behind the girl. The new Soviet citizen is well-educated across a variety of academic fields, and also aware of wider global issues, especially those pertaining to peace.


Detail of 1952 Ukrainian poster of Stalin

Soft pastel books and pastel shades on the globe speak of a new era of abundance and peace


The colour scheme of the poster is in stark contrast to the bold reds and strong outlines of earlier rallying posters. Pastel shades, soft outlines and a painterly surface emphasise that this is an era of peace and abundance, and that the Soviet future is in the safe hands of serious and dedicated children like the child in the poster.



This serious and dedicated girl is the future of the USSR


Anita Pisch‘s new book, The personality cult of Stalin in Soviet posters, 1929 – 1953, is now available for free download through ANU Press open access, or to purchase in hard copy for $83. This lavishly illustrated book, featuring reproductions of over 130 posters, examines the way in which Stalin’s image in posters, symbolising the Bolshevik Party, the USSR state, and Bolshevik values and ideology, was used to create legitimacy for the Bolshevik government, to mobilise the population to make great sacrifices in order to industrialise and collectivise rapidly, and later to win the war, and to foster the development of a new type of Soviet person in a new utopian world.

You can visit Dr. Anita Pisch’s personal website at


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